LOL of the Week

Utterly ridiculous mom texts


Are quotation marks “really necessary”?


See why Roger Ebert called this “the best cat video ever made.”

Carmen, like you’ve never heard it before.


A Tribute to the Late Sid Caesar

1950s Health Food Restaurant


If Google Were A Guy

This is what he’d be faced with. All. Day. Long.


Do sports interviews all sound the same to you? You’re not alone. Check this out:

Texas Car Accident

Contributed by Domesticus. One of the funniest audio recordings I’ve ever heard.

What The %&$*! A Young North Dakota News Anchor Begins–And Possibly Ends–His Career With An Accidental F-bomb (He Got Suspended.)

Contributed by Jennifer Moebius (@jennymoebius)


French Kittehs

Charmante, n’est’ce pas?

Contributed by Tessa Marejko


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