About Domesticus


Domesticus is me, Teresa Meek, a Seattle-based writer and journalist with my own company, Teresa Meek Communications.

As a journalist, I go to great pains to be as objective as I can. As a hired writer, I go to great pains to work in my clients’ interests.

But with this blog I am seizing this opportunity to expound my opinionated opinion on things that are none of my business, things I know nothing about, or both.

It is about wistful houses and recycling,  old cars and the insult to humanity of parking garages.

It is about everyday life with all its quirks; about anything and everything, and sometimes, nothing. If you had to categorize it, which we had to do if we didn’t want to call it Just Another WordPress Blog, it would carry the lofty designation of “Society and Culture.”

But it’s also about chicken parades.

The photos, if they are any good, were taken by my talented husband Bigfoot. Click on this link to see more of Bigfoot’s wonderful photos.

If the photos are no good, you can assume they were taken by me.

Domesticus is  here for you to enjoy–or complain about, not that it would help.

But you can contribute!

Not just in the Comments, though we’d love to hear what you think, but with a LOL of the Week, which if it gets voted LOL of the Month, really will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Who knows, you might even get LOL of the Year and treat 25 of your closest friends to a mocha latte–or spend your $100 in a more imaginative way.

So welcome to Domesticus.

Have fun.

And thanks for visiting!

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