Signs of Spring 2014

blue sky

Blue skies come to Seattle

It’s not here yet, but unmistakable signs of spring have hit Seattle. Not every day, but some days. Parts of days.

Sunshine. Blue skies.

Herons tidying up their old nests and moving back in to raise their younguns.

Flowers and trees coming into bloom, or forming big buds.

Join me virtually on our walk at the Ballard Locks as we discover the uplifting hints of spring.


Daffodils are in full bloom, as are crocuses.


Forsythia is coming out.

Herons in nests

Herons are returning…

heron nests

…to their abandoned nests, fixing them up for their new families.

red leaf buds

Some trees are sprouting tiny red buds.

white buds

Buds that look like pussywillows are getting very close to blooming. What are they? I don’t know!

cherry tree

And cherry trees are coming into their own.

It’s getting to be a time of juvenile silliness, when students grow restless, looking out the window and longing to be outdoors. I’ll leave you with a “poem” they wrote on the blackboard back in my own youthful spring so long ago:

Spring has sprung

The grass is green

The bird is on the wing–

No, that’s absurd!

The wing is on the bird.

Happy almost-spring!