I meant to do my work today

Teresa laptop outdoors


Brown birds

But a brown bird sang in the apple tree


Papilio Rumanzovia Butterfly on Flower

A butterfly flitted across the field



And all the leaves were calling me.


Bee buttercup

The buttercups nodded their shining heads, greeting the bees who came to call



And I asked a lizard the time of day, as he sunned himself on the moss-grown wall.



The wind went sighing over the land, tossing the grasses to and fro



A rainbow held out its shining hand


So what could I do

So what could I do


But laugh, and go

But laugh, and go.

–I Meant to Do My Work Today
by Richard Le Gallienne (1866-1947)





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  1. Michael Meek says:

    Lovely, lovely. Nature nourishes us today so that we can joyfully set upon our work tomorrow!