Thank You, St. Anthony!

St. Anthony

St. Anthony of Padua by El Greco

Bigfoot’s wallet was found!

But only after I said prayers to St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of lost things. St. Anthony is supposed to help you find what is lost, whether it is lost car keys, a lost job, or a lost love. He has helped me before with trivial things you might think would be beneath a saint’s consideration, like a lost earring.

A lost earring?

It was a a friend’s lost earring at a party many years ago, and she was quite upset about it. So we paused for a moment in our revelries to offer our silent, joking prayers to St. A., and voila–it turned up.

This time, St. Anthony led me to Bigfoot’s wallet under the bed, which surfaced while I was vacuuming.

That’s right, it was under the bed, not at the photo site at all. It must have fallen there when he changed clothes after coming home.

Of course it turned up when you were vacuuming, you say.

It would have turned up anyway, you say.

Well, read  some of these stories before dismissing the idea entirely.

Still don’t believe it? You don’t have to. St. Anthony helps skeptics and drunken party revelers as well as believers.

Bigfoot is the very definition of a skeptic. I am sometimes a believer in divine power, and other times a practitioner of silly superstitions, and I can’t always distinguish between the two.

So I choose “le pari de Pascal”, because I’m inclined that way anyway.

Of course I appear ridiculous in a society that worships logic above all, even though it’s really just a tool, even though we ourselves are moved much more by emotions and belief.

And that, Bigfoot would say, is the problem.

It doesn’t seem we’ll ever agree. But that’s OK.

Because St. Anthony also happens to be the patron of marital reconciliation.









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  1. Anthony [Tony] Seuret says:

    I married Saint Anne [self proclaimed] and she married Anthony of Montreal [me]. After 16 years of marital observation Anne wishes to advise that there is absolutly no connection between Anthony of Padua and Anthony of Montreal and that I have lost more things than the aforementioned ever found persuant to his Saintly duties.
    His latest challenge is to find my Dump Pass without which an Island person is at risk from noxious odours and pestilence. Since you are apparently so good at it I wonder if I can prevail on you to drop a Beatitude or two to St. Anthony somewhere in the course of saying your Rosary and see if you can help me find it. There are at least two St . Teresas already on the books but if you find the dump pas I promise to use all of my limited ecclesiastical capital to make you the third.
    Much love, Anthony [Antoine][Tony]

    • Domesticus says:

      LOLOL Tony!!

      I will ask St. Anthony to find your dump pass, but he may be getting fed up with my recent petty requests. Yesterday I prevailed upon him to find my husband’s nephew’s sunglasses, and the day before that, a boomerang that my husband (St. Michael–not!) threw into the woods. This is what I get for posting about him.

      Well, here goes: St. A, please forgive the ridiculous nature of my petitions, but grant through the goodness of your generous heart that these people may find what they are looking for, and that they may be guided on the right path now and throughout their lives, Amen.

      • Tony Seuret says:

        Wow….I did not expect to create such a Domesticus-Fuss over my Dump Pass and you have gone way beyond my humble expectations in your Petition. You’ve asked Him not only to find the Dump Pass but also to guide me on the right path now and for the rest of my life!. That is completely outside of St A’s pay grade and explains why he may be tiring of your petitions! I am sure He admires your boldness but be aware that if you are going for the “Big Ask” with a Saint, all letters of AMEN should be in caps!
        xoxo ,Tony

  2. Domesticus says:

    AMEN, Frere Antione. 😉