How To Wear A Scarf

We’ll admit it–we were tying scarves in ugly knots before watching this video. Despite being an over-the-top francophile, Domesticus did not have a clue how to wear a scarf until Bigfoot, tired of seeing big ugly knots all winter, sent us this video.

Of course, it isn’t just for neck-warming winter scarves. In fact, all the scarves Wendy Nguyen uses in the video are the long, silk decorative kind. The kind Domesticus doesn’t own because what’s the point if you turn it into a rope?

But now that we’ve learned a thing or two, we might invest in some.

We got curious about the lovely young woman behind the video, so we went to her website, where we were amazed to learn that she grew up in foster care and kept her belongings in a plastic trash bag. But she managed to graduate from college, and nowadays, she’s an actress and fashion blogger, and also volunteers to help troubled, previously-incarcerated youths.

We really wanted to interview Wendy but couldn’t get ahold of her. But we keep returning to her video so much that we decided to share it as something that has now become a part of our life. Maybe it will have the same effect on you.